Sunday, 5 June 2011

Apple WWDC 2011 predictions

WWDC 2011 predictions;

1) Mac OS Lion will be released. This will have everything we know to expect; launchpad, app store & facetime (already delivered), mission control, Mail application improvements, full screen apps, version control of files, autosave, keep state between closing and opening app. And likely some surprises - iOS apps running on MacOS?

2) iCloud is known to be announced, but probably won't be released yet. It's going to be initially free and the $25/year. It can only be for the US if that's only where Apple has signed deals, but it maybe a surprise if they are going to release in other territories. It won't be a music locker yet, it will make all the songs you've bought in iTunes available over the cloud from any device. Now I think that's a bit limited, so I think they're going to use their LaLa music service acquisition to offer a spotify type streaming service, this would cost more than the $25 a year, $10 a month?

Also all the talk is that iCloud will replace MobileMe, but hang on a minute, is this the case, I personally think iCloud will be an additional service on top of MobileMe.

3) iOS 5 will be previewed to be released at a later date. Normally Apple does an iOS preview a few months before WWDC and then release the new iPhone there. There's beem no preview this year, so just iOS 5 to be previewed and then it will be released along with the iPhone 5 in 2 months time (August, or maybe early September).

I think what we'll see is a new notifications application (complete overhaul), deeper integration with social media - including Twitter more highly integrated. I think they'll be some new types of UI and APIs for developers, this includes widgets and the voice control. Voice control will be improved and integrated across the phone, and 3rd party developers will be able to use these APIs (this is a dead cert after the acquisition of Siri, and partnership with Nuance). There's going to be over the air OS updates for the iOS devices. I like the idea of having widgets, and this will be and / or the same as what you get on the lock screen. I can't tell if the iPad new multitouch gestures are actually in the OS are a developer release thing only, either way they will be in the new iOS.

4) Steve Jobs to give the keynote

5) One more thing
The upgrade of Time Capsule and Airport extremes, will run iOS and they will integrate with iCloud to cache media, and software updates... But that won't be one more thing. Or maybe just maybe they will announce new phone hardware. If so the iPhone 5 will not be LTE 4G but will be HSPA+ 4G, it will work on both the AT&T network and Verizon network i.e. They'll be one phone not two. It will introduce NFC, near field communication, to enable mobile payments. It will have its antenna fixed, better rear and forward facing cameras, and a larger screen.

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