Sunday, 13 November 2011

What's going on with the X Factor

What a strange week, after sillily booting off 2 contestants last week, they had to chuck out Frankie, mid-week, for drug taking... Thus leaving them with only 6 contestants with 7 weeks to go.

Okay I have 2 issues; firstly on Saturday they tried to cover up the Frankie thing, and say he decided to leave the competition... My second issue is that on voting Amelia back in, she was then immediately up for the public vote. I thought this was unfair, she should have a free week. It would have been embarrassing if she'd been back for only 1 night... Anyway she's staying in thankfully.

And what was the power cut technical difficulties about last night, and why did they not put up a message saying that. And who new the BT Tower had so much control over itv's live TV output. Publicity stunt?

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