Wednesday, 11 July 2012

Things email integration

Wonderful things are a foot; I have discovered email integration with Things. There are two scripts;

1) Send email to Things - This allows you to send an email to yourself with subject line "Add to things" and a task will be created in your Things inbox on your Mac with the message body added as the task in Things. Brilliant! This is going to be very useful when I want to set myself a task at work or forward an email that I want as a task; I can change the subject to "Add to things" and it will be waiting for me in my Things inbox when I get home, brilliant! It just requires downloading an AppleScript and adding a rule to to Mail; follow the link it's all explained.

2) Add email to Things Similar to the first one, but this is for when you receive an email that you want to make a task out of (which is a regular thing), instead of manually adding to Things you can now select the message(s) and run an AppleScript and each of the messages will be added to the Things inbox as a new Task, with the subject as the task, and message body as the notes of the task. Brilliant! It even gives you a notification message when it creates the task - you just need to install Growl (notification app) you can download that from the App Store here:

Loving Things, and love this email integration, brilliant! :-)

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