Sunday, 24 February 2013

MacBook Air setup

After giving some consideration I decided to get the MacBook Air 11 inch 64 GB laptop. The plan has been to use it as a cloud based device.

In order to utilise it as a cloud based laptop I have done the following;

  • Followed the welcome screens and setup a user account
  • Added in my iTunes Apple ID to get iCloud. I have two apple IDs one for iTunes and the one I had for mobile me. So I had to undo the iCloud service and put in my mobile me Apple Id - this didn't allow for notes and email - and it was asking me to create an iCloud email address - that is when I realised it was the wrong id. I then changed the ID and was then able to get all the iCloud services working.
  • Configured my iTunes Apple ID in iTunes, authorised the new computer and setup iTunes match on my other MacBook Pro. Now when I got to iTunes on my Air it allows me to either download my music or stream it - really good. Strangely nothing appears on the iTunes match tab - which was slightly confusing initially.
  • Installed software and software updates from the App Store, so this got me Pages, Numbers, Things, Xcode.
  • Installed Evernote, Spotify, Drop Box
  • I then moved my documents/projects folder to Drop Box on my MBP and moved my code to the DropBox
  • On the Air I then selectively chose the project and code folders I wanted, and selectively chose some of my photos to download
  • Setup photo stream in iPhoto, I'm not sure if I can get the DropBox photos to render within iPhoto so I am viewing them outside iPhoto.
  • Configured iPhoto and Facetime - and my Air got added, and all the other devices notified me of this.
  • Added my backdrops folder to drop box and setup a decent background to my desktop
  • Bought a cover off of Gelaskins
  • Now the policy is to do everything on this device in the cloud, and all setup.

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