Friday, 20 August 2010

E-mail chains at work

I got pissed off at work to come into a stack of emails where I had been added to an email chain after it had been running for several messages. My frustration is they take 5 minutes to read and understand and then require lots of thinking, research, and general work type things in order to answer the question that the last person asked you.

So I told the first sender that I wasn’t going to read their email as I’m too busy and they should come and talk me through it if its urgent. Which actually worked quite effectively because I got an introduction to the topic and with a few quick questions I was able to make a decision and request some work to be done by one of our developers.

What I shouldn’t have done was post on our internal Twitter that these type of emails was one of my email frustrations. The sender reads Yammer and thought it was quite a co-incidence that he’d just sent me an email chain. Whoops.


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