Friday, 20 August 2010

Annoying things people do at work

Omg my most annoying things at the moment are
1. Really loud over dramatic yawning. Fuck off!
2. The milk has a label so we know its our Milk Club’s so why the hell put it back in so the label isn’t facing out and I have to turn all the milk cartons around to find out which one is ours. Come on!!!
3. Leaving cups and breakfast bowls in soak around the sink. Wash it, or get rid of it. If I was the cleaner I’d lock them all in a cupboard like my cleaner did with us in Uni halls.
4. Walking really slowly, you know when you’re obviously in a rush and some one walks so slowly, this is especially annoying when navigating junctions and if they’d had some sense they would have slowed slightly to give way to you so you can continue at pace, rather than make you walk really slow behind them.
5. How I always have to be right, and can end up getting in email ping pong trying to proove I am right. I have to work hard to hold my tongue sometimes.

Favourite things at the office
1. When someone sends me an email saying thanks or well done for something
2. When I get a freebie from the cafe or someone brings in cakes/fruit
3. When an afternoon of difficult/boring meetings gets cancelled
4. When a strange or interesting activity or event happens. Like winning a ride in a world rally car, or helping push someones car to the local garage.
5. When we have a team social at lunch or after work

And some other people’s lists; - How to handle annoying colleagues - I like the earphones trick. - Omg I’m responsible for at least two of these; Foghorn phone voice and I’m a key smasher, both of which I’ve been told off for doing but am not very good at improving....


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