Tuesday, 15 February 2011

Windows 7 upgrade went well

I upgraded an aging Windows Vista running Samsung laptop to Windows 7 and it went well.

Don't waste your time sorting out any Windows Vista issues, like trying to fix the antivirus (Norton 360) or increase the size of the disk partition. It all kind of went wrong and required a system restore, undoing hours of work :-(

Compatiblity check told me perhaps not enough harddrive space and not enough Ram (only 1GB). However deleting some old files, and a google for performance with this size of Ram gave me confidence to go for it.

So I took the plunge and went for it. Choose the custom install; this does a full clean install moving the old windows and programs folders into a Windows old folder.

It went in almost painlessly. Only issue was Wifi was not working afterwards, but then I noticed it had stopped working for all other wifi devices in the house, so I suspect maybe an ip conflict had caused problems perhaps? Anyway a router reboot fixed that issue.

I remembered that I needed to do a system restore (Control Panel Instructions to create a Windows Restore point) and expanded the size of the partition by using the built in partitioning software (Contol Panel, search for partition). To expand my C partiton I had to delete the next partiton, expand C and then create the 2nd partiton a new.

Having upgraded, none of the previous software was installed, so this needed doing, the advantage here is that all the Samsung crapware is now gone. Unfortunately Norton 360 wasn't installed anymore. First step was to download the free trial from the Norton site. Annoyingly mynortonaccount wouldn't let me download it so I had to put my bank details in again...

However after installing, it seemed to activate it against my existing Norton subscription(s), so that was relatively painless.

The laptop is largely used for viewing the internet and iPlayer, and that it does amazingly well compared to Windows Vista, and that's with just 1GB of RAM. Overall the upgrade went really well and I'm most pleased.

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