Tuesday, 22 February 2011

I've written my first app - iPhone development

So I've embarked on the endeavour to write an iPhone app. Well just over a week of effort and I'm done! I feel very excited, though its not really finished until it gets released in the App Store.

So steps to go are;
1. Sign up for the Apple Development Programme.
2. Get the app running on my iPhone
3. Fix the memory management - I bet I've got memory leaks
4. Upgrade dev tools to latest OS and upgrade the code for the latest OS
5. Fully test on iPhone
6. Go through Apple Approval process - hope this goes well!
7. Update webpage with details of app

Oh yeah and I'll probably get some friends to give some feedback on it. And I'll probably optimise for the retina display too.

Tonight was awesome, I implemented a splash screen, did all the artwork, created an information page, setup an email address and webpage, and got the info page to open a new mail or open the webpage.

Yeah looking at that list above, I'm not finished yet :-)

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