Thursday, 26 September 2013

Use of Siri in iOS 7

I'm happy with Siri, and iOS 7, what I particular like using Siri for is when I am travelling in the car and I use it mainly for i) Setting reminders; ii) Reading notifications; iii) Responding to text messages; iv) making phone calls; v) Playing music.

It comes with certain issues the main issues are;

a) Occasionally, and actually quite often I get the message "Sorry I can't take any requests right now" or "I'm currently having a problem" or something to that effect. Normally it goes away after a few seconds, today it continued for 10+ minutes, it would be good to have a way to know whether Siri is working or not.

b) When I set a reminder I can set it to remind when I arrive "at home" or "at work" but when I say at a place such as "arriving at Basildon" it doesn't understand what I'm saying and makes that part of the reminder description. The same thing happens when I set it to remind me at a time, it sometimes gets confused and includes the time as part of the task description. Now when I want it to remind me I say "remind me at 1.30pm" and then it says "what would you like me to remind you about" and then I say "remember to feed the fish" or something, and then it allows me to create the reminder at 1.30pm.

c) Notifications sometimes gets confused when I'm trying to get it to playback my voice mail. So I think saying something like call voicemail, or listen to phone voicemail does the trick most of the time.

d) Playing music doesn't seem to understand when I say an album name and artist together .e.g. "play Counting Crows" works, and "play Recovering satellites" works, but not "play counting crows recovering satellites). Also at the moment I've got a bug where playing certain music, it says "playing xxx..." but then nothing plays, which is a bit annoying.

It's getting better though, and it's really useful. Especially replying to text messages is great.

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