Friday, 31 July 2015

ApplePay anecdotes

So I almost ran into the AppleWatch ApplePay, ran out of battery fail at mignight on Wednesday.

However before I went through the barriers to the overground train I discovered my last train had gone. Between there and the tube my AppleWatch ran out of juice! Lucky I had not swiped in!

Therefore I had a chance to use ApplePay on the iPhone 6 Plus. I didn't realise the NFC field would activate it, so I opened Passbook and fiddled for a while, as I couldn't work out how to make the card ready.

So I just placed it on the contactless reader on the gate and put my finger on the scanner. It took a while and was rather cumbersome, but it did work, and on the other end too.

Love the AppleWatch ApplePay tibe/overground/tfl experience, but I shall be avoiding doing it on my phone whete possible.

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