Monday, 27 July 2015

Setting up new ApplePay card

After HSBC failed to launch ApplePay, I opened a Santander mastercard account. Today I got back from holiday and setup & activated my new credit card.

Pre-ApplePay, because it was a new card; I did a PIN transaction, then a contactless transaction, and only then did I add it to passbook.

Adding to iPhone Passbook was seamless, adding to AppleWatch, slightly more difficult. To add to AppleWatch you have to go via the AppleWatch app on the iPhone. On adding the Santander card, it did not appear on the AppleWatch, even after making it default.

An iPhone reboot did not resolve the issue.

Then I tried turning the AppleWatch off and on again. And just like that; it suddenly appeared on the AppleWatch. 

I then tried paying with the double click AppleWatch ApplePay - frictionless, wahoo!

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