Sunday, 31 October 2010

Power snooker

Power snooker

I attended the Power Snooker event at the O2 on Saturday. I had a brilliant time, it was excellent!

The rules are; the players have 30 minutes to get as many points as possible. When you break you continue playing. There are fewer reds (only 9) and one is the power ball. If potted you get 2 minutes where all pots are worth double points.

All shots potted from behind the balc line are worth double (the power zone). So in power play in the power zone pots are worth alot. Additionally you only have 20 seconds to take your shot. Each time the frame is over the clock is stopped and then the balls are racked up. After 30 minutes whoever has the most points wins.

Oh yeah and you can make as much noise as you like.

The atmosphere was excellent, like at a football match but better. It was hilarious. It started getting going when everyone found it amuzing to repeat the refs Powerzone instruction. Someone shouted can I have that for my ring tone, which was funny.

There were a number of songs made up like, come-by-ya with Ding's name and Murphies name inserted. "who need's X Factor, we've got Michela". "She went to snooker school, she loves the powerball, Michela!".  "Come on Ali" to Come on Eileen.

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