Sunday, 14 November 2010

Cross country

I did my first ever cross country run on Saturday in Hockley. Parking was at a school with a 5 minute walk to the race start.

I've learnt that I should have given alot more than 5 minutes and that I should have taken a bag with me; because after the race I didn't have any food or drink handy, or a jacket.

When it started everyone went so quick. I was last for a while before overtaking 3 people and losing one position half way through. After half way round the first lap I checked my watch and I'd only been running 15 minutes, it was hard!

I also learnt cross country requires trail shoes or spikes. It was fun slipping everywhere and getting covered in mud.

I did 8.5km in 47minutes 48 so that is 5.28 miles. Which is 9 minute per mile pace. Would like to get back to 7 minute mile pace.


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