Wednesday, 8 December 2010

Finding someone's house number

I needed to know the house number of someone I regularly visit so I could send them a Xmas. I visit them every week, but have lost their address, so don't know the actual house number, even though I go there every week - so I didn't want to have to ask them for their address. However I managed to find their address, and this is how;

1) First I got the street name from navigating there on Googlemaps and Googlemaps street view.

2) Then I got the postcode from the Royal Mail website here;;jsessionid=JXP2FDD1CSQPAFB2IGIUQ3Q;jsessionid=JXP2FDD1CSQPAFB2IGIUQ3Q?catId=400145&gear=postcode

This gave me the postcode and the number of houses on the road.

3) Then I used people search. First I tried the name and town and there was a match, with all other info blanked out - you need a premium account of £120+ to get the rest of the information. So then I tried typing in street and postcode as well. So then the premium results revealed all the parts of the address I typed in. So I tried guessing the house number, but that came grayed out. What I wanted to know is if I guessed correctly would it show the house number, so I tried on an address I knew, and it did give the house number. So I started with a number halfway and worked up, and eventually I guessed the correct number.

N.B. During this I ran out of free searches on my iPad, then I swapped to my iPhone, and it allowed me to continue. And so I managed to obtain the house number without paying £120, awesome.

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