Thursday, 30 December 2010

Questions on Inception

So if killing yourself in Limbo gets you back to reality, why does Fisher and Ariadne go back to level 3 and Saito and Cobb seem to go straight back to reality?

Why does Arthur not wake up from level 2 as the van falls off the bridge?; he would have got a kick, and so would have been awake; I can understand why the rest would not be awakened, as they were in a dream within that dream.

Why do they run out of time in level 3; they are delayed in level 1 by security, which limits the time of interrogation to 1 hour rather than all night - which seems to be achieved in a short space of time, but then on level 3 they have run out of time as they miss the first kick. Therefore why did they run out of time?

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