Sunday, 25 September 2011

Parallels for Mac

I was getting disallusioned with Parallels for Mac (run virtual machines with different OSs on your Mac) it had begun to run extremely slow and there seemed to be little help there out in the forums apart from others suffering the same problems.

I came to a cross roads where I was thinking of ditching Parallels in favour of VMware. But the confusion of versions of VMware on their website, and the limitation of certain versions running certain OSs, and the relative cost to upgrade, I decided to stick with Parallels and upgrade.

This helped, since then it's been running reasonably well.

On upgrading to Lion, I was forced to upgrade to Parallels 6, which was annoying. However a week or so ago, I get an email saying I can get a free upgrade to Parallels 7. I've just upgraded, much love to the Parallels team! Oh yeah and the download link didn't work, but they quickly got back to me on Twitter.

Overall things working really now, and a great customer care experience from Parallels.

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