Thursday, 1 September 2011

What to do with this old stuff?

I'm clearing through old stuff and have come across a number of electronics;
- Scanner
- Nintendo NES
- Old VHS videos

The scanner works, but there is no driver support after windows ME. I was going to throw it away, then I had the idea of writing my own drivers. Now how on earth would I even start that? Sounds like a good project.

The Nintendo NES was donated to me, after a failed attempt at selling on ebay (it was never picked up by the buyer) I have been persuaded to keep it. So I have tried it out. It just presents a flashing red light on the front and doesn't output to the screen. A quick google gave little. I ebayed a game so I could try it out. Now I really want to get it working... The plug is rally dodgy, so could be the issue, that is my next step.

I've got a load of VHS videos, and it is time to convert them to digital, which has got a good guide on how to do this. Initial googling gave very little, but I shall be trying again soon.

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