Friday, 3 August 2012

MacBookPro not sleeping

I was getting frustrated that my MacBookPro didn't seem to be sleeping any more - the lovely snoring LED wasn't doing that any more :-( - One of my favourite Mac features. A quick Google and I found this

You need to open terminal and type the following "pmset -g", this will give an output that will include a line saying "sleep 0 (imposed by 18)", 18 being the Process Id (pid) of the programme stopping the sleep happening. On the terminal type "ps -ef | grep -e 18" replacing 18 with the Process Id above - note I had multiple pid's stopping my MBP sleeping.

You can also go to System Monitor and choose to view all processes, order the processes by Pid and you will be able to find the programme that is stopping the sleep. For me it was "cupsd" and another programme. According to the link below this is related to printer network sharing. So go to System Preferences, Printer and Scan and for me I had a print job still hanging around on the print queue for my printer - so I deleted this job. I also unchecked network sharing for my printer. Taking these two actions running "pmset -g" again, there was no longer anything stopping my MBP sleeping.

Problem solved - awesome!!

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