Wednesday, 29 September 2010

This is a very interesting article on the things that Old media is doing wrong about the web. The comments from other web users are also very interesting.

I very rarely buy a newspaper, the only newspapers I read are free ones in London, when I'm there. I get my news through Radio 1, BBC news website, RSS feeds, Twitter and Facebook. Oh yeah and I occasionally go to the sites of newspapers when there is an interesting article I've heard about.

If there was a decent micropayment system for high quality articles I'd probably consider paying if it was integrated and easy to use, maybe integrated into my iTunes id?

One user talks about all users over the age of 50 not getting the web. Well I don't think that's true at all. For example my parents are all into the web, facebook and youtube. Why would they pay for cable? - They can get all the TV they want from freeview, iPlayer and youtube.

"5: File sharing doesn’t always represent lost sales: Are you out of your damned mind?" - Loads of people buy stuff they've seen file shared - as long as it is better quality and has lots of special features e.g. Blueray. Spotify allows me to listen to so much more music then I'd ever used to get to hear, and I spend a lot more money on new music then I ever used to spend. I don't this person's argument holds for a lot of people.

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