Tuesday, 16 November 2010

Lost photo

OMG I thought I'd lost a photo from my holiday to Portugal; a classic photo of me and my brother-in-law pretending to do a number 2 on some historic toilets in a monestry....!!

I thought I remembered copying the photo out of iTunes and uploading it as my profile picture (cropping to my face). In doing so I would have copied it to my desktop and then deleted it off my desktop once uploaded. It was there cropped on Facebook showing just my face.

Only looking back through Portugal photos tonight, it wasn't there. I paniced. I looked through my memory cards - but I'd deleted my photos. I got very irate with iPhoto as the photo was missing even going back far past the date of deletion. I rang my sister and she said she hadn't got a copy of my pics but they may have taken the picture. I was convinced it was my camera. But even my facebook gallery didn't contain it. I was fuming.

Then I looked through my brother-in-law's facebook pics and there it was, with me holding my camera in my hand. Doh! Problem solved :-)


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