Sunday, 21 November 2010

Some iPad tips and initial findings

Wow just worked out how to sync the calendar, follow these directions;

VLC is fantastic all the videos that wouldn't load via iTunes now can be pulled across and play. Unfortunately there is a bug where the movie freezes after 15 minutes. Pressing home and going back in makes VLC crash, then you can go back in and continue the movie - not ideal I've emailed the developers so hopefully they'll sort out an update.

iBooks is slightly disappointing, all the titles and authors I looked for weren't in there. Plus the price is quite expensive.

Twitter app is great - I'm getting back into Twitter.

Pulse news is fantastic, I'll never read RSS in the same way again.

Bad on Spotify, Facebook and Tutor 24x7 for not having iPad apps, hopefully that'll be sorted out.

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