Saturday, 27 November 2010

Notetaker HD review

The app Notetaker HD is simply the best thing I've ever bought on a portable device, and makes the iPad so much more useful. I have replaced all my notebooks and pads of paper at home and at work with this app, the iPad and a stylus.

It is easy to use, very well put together and robust and makes it addictive to write notes on the iPad. Basically you can do anything that you would normally do with a blank piece of paper; notes, task lists, tables, charts, take minutes, mind maps.

To all those that have said it isn't very iPad like I have no idea what they are on about. I agree there is a little bit of a learning curve but once you've picked it up this app is brilliant. The interface is robust, usable and attractive.

And it looks like the developers are making a conscious effort to keep it up to date. I just got a new version that has given a number of features I was just thinking would be great, including being able to import PDFs into the app and make annotations on it - and it just worked very well on a 100+ page PDF.

I can't recommend this app enough, and I think it is a bargain. Fantastic.

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